Olympic Sport Psychologist.

Dr. Kate Kirby is currently the Head of Performance Psychology at the Sport Ireland Institute. She has worked at the highest level of sport for over a decade and has provided her expertise to numerous governing bodies, including the IRFU, Irish Sailing, Irish Rowing, Hockey Ireland, Tennis Ireland, Horse Sport Ireland and numerous inter-county GAA teams.

She also works privately with athletes from individual sports such as golf and athletics, as well as players from a broad range of team sports.


Individual Sport Psychology

It is well recognised that athletes need to be mentally as well as physically fit in order to perform at their best. Kate works with athletes on an individual level to help them maximise their performance potential. She believes in using simple problem solving techniques to empower athletes to reach their goals and perform when it matters most.

Team Sport Psychology

In order for teams to really reach their peak levels of performance, they must have a unique identity and operate as a cohesive unit. Kate helps teams to achieve this state through a variety of means, including group work, individual player support and collaboration with coaching and backroom staff.

Athlete Lifestyle Support

In order for athletes to perform well ‘on the field’, it is important that they feel in control of their life ‘off the field’. Kate has considerable expertise in the area of athlete dual-career management, enabling athletes’ sporting and non-sporting commitments to work together and complement each other.

Speaking Engagements

Kate has featured regularly in Irish print and broadcast media, speaking generally about her experiences in high-performance sport and specifically, her role in assisting Annalise Murphy to her silver medal success at the Rio Olympics. She has a lot of experience in the corporate sector also, having collaborated with companies such as Deloitte, BNY Mellon, and Irish Life Health.

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